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Aug 12, 2021 | Business Growth, Paid Advertising

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business on the web, pay per click ads are an excellent option to consider. That’s because Facebook ads and Google’s ads are a great way to get visibility for your business on the web. You’ll be able to improve your social media page and give your search rankings a boost in no time. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between these two types of ads:


What Can Facebook Ads Do For Your Business?



These ads can get visibility for your business on social media, which is a great way to attract new customers. In fact, ads on the platform can feature images, videos, and substantial amounts of text. Furthermore, they can include links to your website, which can be a highly effective way to promote your business.


Not only can these ads be an effective way to promote your business on social media, but it’s also possible to improve your search rankings by boosting the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. That’s because popular social media pages will often show up in search results for certain keywords.


What Can Google Ads Do For Your Business?



If you’re looking for a great way to improve the visibility of your business on the internet, Google’s ads could be right for you. That’s because they can effectively allow you to outrank the competition right away! Your link will appear above the search results. While it will be marked ad or advertisement, it’s still likely to attract plenty of interest from potential customers.


So, how can you effectively use Google ads to promote your business online? It’s much easier than you would expect. That’s because search engines make it easy to advertise, and it’s easy to contact customer support if you have any questions on how to use Google’s ads effectively. Not only that, but Google ads are recommended as an effective marketing strategy by many digital marketing experts.


What are Some of the Most Important Differences Between the Two Types of Ads?



One of the most important differences between these two types of ads is who they are likely to reach. Search engine ads will reach a broad audience. This makes them ideal for promoting your business to a broad audience. However, social media ads make it easier to establish a connection to potential customers. This can give your marketing strategy a highly personalized touch.


How Do You Pay For Social Media or Search Engine Ads?



Both types of ads are paid for on a pay per click basis. This means that you will pay any time that someone clicks on one of the advertisements. The cost of the ads will vary considerably from one platform to another.


However, the average price of pay per click ads is approximately $2.69 per click for Google ads and $0.97 per click for social media ads. Though, it’s important to note that the specific price varies considerably from one keyword to another.


How Many People Can You Reach With Each?



The answer to this question depends entirely on your business and the keywords that you choose for the ads. If you pick keywords that are frequently searched, both Google ads and Facebook ads can generate lots of visibility for your brand. In fact, the advertisements could get millions of views, which could significantly increase the number of customers you get.


How Do You Use Each of These Platforms?



Both of these platforms are easy for business owners to use. If you have any questions about using either platform, it will be easy to contact the company’s customer support. Facebook ads can show up as banner ads, but they can also appear above the search results. Search engine ads are also set up in a similar manner.


You can choose between banner ads and ads that appear over the search results. Here are a few tips that can help you to use both types of advertising effectively:


1. Make Sure You Use a Combination of Imagery and Text



It’s best to use a combination of imagery, text, and video in your advertisements. This will help to ensure that your ads appeal to people with every learning style.


2. Use Both Banner Ads and Ads Placed Over the Search Results



Banner ads and advertisements that are placed above search results are both very useful for business owners. Banner advertisements will show up on the side of Facebook pages or websites that are listed in the search results. You can also have advertisements that show up above Facebook search results and on Google search results pages, and it will be extremely important to pick the right keywords for these ads.


3. Choose the Right Keywords



The keywords that you choose for your advertisements are essential. That’s because these words are the terms that potential customers will type in to arrive at your ads that appear above the search results. Here are a few tips that will be effective when it comes to choosing keywords for search engine ads:


  • Pick keywords that are natural sounding, which will ensure that you’re able to get traffic from people using both text and voice search.
  • Always take steps to ensure that keywords for banner ads will lead to them showing up on relevant websites.



However, if you are using social media ads, there are other tips that you should keep in mind. You’ll need to pay close attention to these three tips if you are promoting your business with social media advertisements:


  • Ensure that your ads show up to individuals and groups that you have established a connection with.
  • Including videos in the ads is easy, and this can be a great way to optimize your social media marketing strategy.



What are the Disadvantages of Each Platform?



While both of these platforms have some key advantages, there are some disadvantages that each of them have, which you need to be aware of. There are ways that you can mitigate the cons of each platform, but it’s important to be familiar with them first. Here’s what you need to know about the main drawbacks of each pay per click advertising service:


Disadvantages of Social Media Ads



Facebook ads often don’t have the same reach as search engine ads. That’s because they only will show up when a person is using the social media platform. While nearly everyone uses Google’s search feature, many people do not use social media on a regular basis or even at all. Also, many people on Facebook are simply interacting with friends and family or looking at profile pages.


The number of people who use social media to look for services or products is relatively small. However, there are individuals who use the website for this purpose, and your advertisements can influence individuals who are on the site for other reasons. Also, social media sites have the advantage of making it easy to connect with your audience, which helps to partially offset the drawback of potential customers being on the site for reasons that are not related to your services.


Disadvantages of Google Ads



Search engine ads tend to have a broad reach, but it isn’t possible to interact with potential customers in the same way that you can on social media. Many people are leery of buying a product from an unfamiliar source, and it can be difficult to break through this initial hurdle when trying to connect with potential customers with search engine ads. However, this obstacle does not have to stand in your way.


That’s because you’ll be able to reach a broader audience through search engine ads. Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google, and this platform offers opportunities for business owners to advertise. You’ll pay for these ads on a per click basis too, and video ads can be placed at the beginning of relevant videos. This can offer an effective way to connect with your audience.


However, these ads are quite a bit pricier than conventional pay per click ads offered by search engines. Luckily, it is also possible to connect with potential customers effectively with search engine ads by choosing relevant and effective keywords. This will ensure that your ads show up on the sides of relevant webpages and appear to people who are looking for the services that you offer.


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