Why You Need A Google My Business Account, TODAY!

Jul 12, 2021 | Business Growth, Lead Generation

Promoting a local online business begins with local SEO, which includes using directories such as Google My Business (GMB). It’s a powerful platform that connects an enterprise with its target customers because it’s built on keywords and phrases that describe your businesses. It’s an excellent tool for building brand awareness in a geo-location. Here are essential reasons to adopt Google My Business as part of your online business marketing strategy.


Why You Need A Google My Business Account


  1. Why this is so important for people to find you


Without Google My Business you might lose customers to competitors with elaborate GMB listings. The fact that a high percentage online surfers use Google as their starting point for search alone makes it important for a business to be known by the most popular search engine. Consumers in your neighborhood already use Google Maps and Google Results to discover choices for nearby products and services. The service lets you customize your profile in multiple ways, so that you have your own unique web presence in Google’s ecosystem used for displaying search results.


  1. It puts you on Google Maps


Not only does GMB act as an index for consumers searching establishments in their neighborhoods, it links your business to Google Maps, making it easy to find. Part of the beauty of Google Maps is that it lets people visualize and connect your location with your brand. This association builds brand familiarity. It’s important to emphasize your location on Google Maps as part of your local SEO strategy since it helps connect you with your most immediate market. Many people search for businesses with the phrase “near me,” which creates endless opportunities for local stores to connect with new customers.


  1. It should be treated like a social media account (you can post to it)


Like a social network, Google My Business allows you to update your content whenever you want. In fact, it’s a good idea to freshen up content including images periodically to ensure it accurately reflects how your business is evolving. GMB allows you to interact with customers by responding to their reviews in real time. Treating your GMB page like a social media profile makes it come to life with interesting new stories and pictures that attract new traffic. While your website should be the main hub for deep content about your brand, your GMB profile can be the hub of all your online properties.


  1. Most businesses aren’t taking advantage of this yet


One of the reasons firms don’t maximize Google My Business for local SEO and showing up in Google Results is they simply aren’t aware yet of how powerful the platform is. Your online business can thrive with a steady stream of continuous leads from a combination of digital marketing strategies that emphasize local SEO and PPC campaigns. The best way for your online business to show up in Google Results is to provide a wealth of quality information about your brand and its offerings on GMB.


The platform lets you tell your audience the best ways to contact you. It also gives you user-friendly tools to schedule posts for marketing campaigns set to timelines. Your posts can include links to deeper content. Since online reviews are more effective than ads at driving new leads and sales, you can encourage your customers to post their reviews on the platform. Another way to maximize GMB is to take a 360 degree photo of your business using Google’s Street view app and post it to your profile.


  1. Google wants you to use GMB, therefore will rank you higher if you do


GMB services were created to give local businesses free listings in their markets, similar to traditional phone directories, except the digital world is much more empowering. Google wants to index as many businesses as possible largely for the sake of being perceived as the place to find everything on the web, including any online business. Getting indexed by the search giant is the first step in building a strong local SEO campaign that associates a brand with the city or area where it operates. The more refined the search is regarding geo-location, the more likely your business will show up in Google Results for that queried location.


  1. It is the best form of Local SEO


Google My Business is the cornerstone of local SEO for any online business. If the profile is optimized, it tells an online surfer all the basic facts they may be curious about regarding the company, its location, its hours and what it offers. Integrating Google Maps with your business profile is effortless. The more content you provide that sets your organization apart from competitors, the better opportunities it will show up in Google Results under a wide variety of searches.


Guess What Most Successful Businesses Wish They Did Sooner?


  1. They wish they spent more money on marketing sooner! – The whole key to an online business generating consistent leads depends on both Google Results and Google Maps. To be more specific, your website must offer plenty of content that connects with keywords surfers are putting in search engines. But SEO development takes time, whereas placing pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google Results pages is the fastest way to generate online visibility and leads.


  1. They wish they spent more money on gaining exposure sooner on in the game – Digital marketers understand that while it’s possible to slowly grow a market organically with attractive SEO-based blog content, the easiest way to reach a target market quickly is through ads on platforms they already use like Google and various social networks. Refining ad campaigns requires trial and error, so the sooner you iron out the nuances, the sooner you’ll see responsive action.



Using Google My Business is important for local SEO and driving new traffic to your website. It integrates with Google Maps, which displays in Google Results when someone searches for your online business matching your chosen keywords. A GMB listing gives your brand free online visibility unmatched by other resources. Make sure your profile reflects your business accurately and explains what makes it unique and a worthwhile choice for the internet community.


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